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Opening times

The Rocketeer Restaurant will re-open on Monday 19th March 2018

Visit our Opening Times page

NEW ADDITION The Rocketeer Restaurant has now got new Perspex canopies and windbreaks to shelter you from the typical Scottish weather!!

The Rocketeer Restaurant situated in what was once North Berwick’s Coastguard Station at North Berwick Harbour, opened summer 2012, and serves fresh local produce.

Seating is provided al fresco where you can sample the likes of North Berwick lobster, fish and chips, seafood platter, mussels mariniere and beef burgers accompanied by a selection of soft and alcoholic beverages.

The Rocketeers were North Berwick’s 19thcentury equivalent of the super hero – local volunteers who would fire rockets, with rescue lines attached, across the bows of stricken vessels in the Firth of Forth. Their spirit lives on in our modern heroes. The local fishermen who catch and deliver some of the world’s finest seafood from the waters right in front of you and which we are delighted to serve in the Rocketeer.

As a registered First Fish Buyer, we buy the freshest catch directly from the boats in the harbour.

We are Eco Friendly – conserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of our coastline is very important to us. We only use ethically caught seafood and everything we use, even down to the cutlery, is sustainably sourced and biodegradable as much as possible.

The Nether Abbey Hotel

The Rocketeer Restaurant is managed by The Nether Abbey Hotel, situated in the heart of the Edinburgh 'Golf Coast'. We are ready to help you with your golfing break, from organising your rounds to providing your own locker for your clubs.


Our charming little eaterie offers the sea’s most plentiful bounty in a stunningly delicious and affordable way. You can sample beautiful lobster, crab, seabass and line-caught mackerel cooked to your liking, right before your eyes. The Lobster Shack is also fully licensed so you can enjoy it all with a cold beer, a crisp glass of wine or even prosecco. As a registered First Fish Buyer, we buy the freshest catch directly from the boats in the harbour.